Book a Road 102 Designs Workshop

    Get your coven together and book a private Road 102 Designs workshop!

    Learn from Randy's expertise and create a Road 102 Designs piece with your own custom flare.

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    Collaborate with us

    Ember & Stone Curiosities is not just a boutique, our goal is to build a safe space where like-minded people can come together to build a community.

    If you are a tarot reader or psychic medium, Reiki practitioner, artist, etc - We would love to collaborate with you!

    Contact us today to book our space for a workshop.

    Tea & Tarot

    Join us on the last Friday of the month every month for Tea & Tarot at Ember & Stone Curiosities.

    Bring your tarot/oracle decks into Ember & Stone and practice readings with us over a cup of tea.

    Don't have a deck of your own? You are still welcome to join us for a reading and to check out the decks we have available in store!

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